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Topic: People and Places

Let's Measure


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Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

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How Long Is It? by Donna Loughran


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Measurement Activity

How Many Spoons Long?

Materials pencil, notebook or loose sheets of paper, household objects to measure with such as spoons, pencils, sneakers, books

Use nonstandard units to measure items around your home!

Before children learn to measure with inches or feet, they can learn with nonstandard units—such as hands or even spoons! How many spoons long are things around your house? Find out! Then measure with other items.

Try measuring your bed, table, or rug by using:

  • pencils

  • sneakers

  • books

Actividad de medición

¿Cuántas cucharas de largo?

Materiales: lápiz, cuaderno u hojas sueltas de papel, objetos domésticos que sirvan para tomar medidas, como cucharas, lápices, zapatos o libros

Antes de aprender a medir con pulgadas o pies, los niños pueden aprender a medir con unidades no convencionales, como la mano o hasta una cuchara. ¿Cuántas cucharas de largo miden las cosas en tu casa? ¡Averígualo! Luego, mídelas con otros objetos.

Intenta medir tu cama, mesa o alfombra con:

  • lápices

  • zapatos

  • libros