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Welcome to our new Scholastic Learn at Home, a collection of unique and exciting learning journeys created by the editors and educators of Scholastic Classroom Magazines. 

Each journey is built around a rich and exciting nonfiction or fiction story that will fascinate and inspire your child. After reading, your child will have a choice of engaging activities, each designed to get them thinking, creating, connecting, and exploring in new and different ways. 

We’ve made it all super simple, but here are some tips to make the most of our learning journeys and other resources.

First, Explore All the Stories! 

  • Stories are organized by topic, like Amazing Animals and Adventures & Thrills. Click on “Topics” to explore all the stories available on the site.
  • Each story features fascinating photos and rich artwork, as well as sidebars, maps, diagrams, and graphs. Make sure your child pays attention to all of these features as they read the stories. These features spark engagement, build core knowledge, and deepen your child’s reading comprehension. 

Complete the Fun Activities!

  • After reading a story, your child can continue their learning journey by completing one or more of the activities listed below the story. Many activities take children off-screen, get them active, and encourage them to be hands-on.
  • All activities are designed to be fun and simple. They require only materials that are easily found at home or no materials at all.
  • Be on the lookout for activities that include engaging multimedia resources, such as beautifully crafted videos and fun, knowledge-building video games. 
  • Skill-building slideshows guide children through their learning journeys by providing scaffolding for writing short stories, completing science investigations, building graphs, and more. 
  • Encourage your child to share what they’ve learned in their reading, as well as what they’ve created during their journeys. We’ve chosen stories that will spark discussions and lively debates. 

Embark on Daily Reading Quests!

  • Click on “Reading Quests” and let your child choose from one of our many daily reading challenges.  
  • Your child can complete the reading quests independently, or together with a family member. Encourage your child to check off the reading quests as they complete them so you can follow their progress. 

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