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Topic: People and Places

Observing Animals


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Me . . . Jane by Patrick McDonnell

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Jane Goodall: Champion for Chimpanzees by Jodie Shepherd


Making Observations We make observations with our five senses and science tools!
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Science Activity

Use Your Senses

Materials: paper, pencil, flat surface for writing, markers

In this activity, your little scientist will use their senses to practice their observation skills.

To prepare, divide a paper into four sections. At the top of each section, draw either an eye, an ear, a hand or a nose.

Go for a walk outside with your child. Ask them what they observe, or notice. Tell them to use their eyes, ears, hands, and nose to learn about what’s around them. What do they see, hear, feel, and smell?

Then give your child the paper, a flat surface for writing, and a pencil. Have them sketch what they observed with each of their senses in the corresponding boxes. When you get back home, they can add color or details to their drawings if they’d like.

Actividad de ciencia:

Utiliza los sentidos

Materiales: papel, lápiz, una superficie plana para escribir, marcadores

En esta actividad, tu pequeño científico o científica practicará su capacidad de observación con los sentidos.

Para prepararte, divide un papel en cuatro partes. Al comienzo de cada parte, dibuja un ojo, una oreja, una mano o una nariz.

Sal a dar un paseo con tu niño. Pregúntale qué cosas observa o nota. Dile que utilice sus ojos, orejas, manos y nariz para conocer lo que le rodea. ¿Qué ve, oye, siente o huele?

Entonces dale a tu niño un pedazo de papel, una superficie plana para escribir y un lápiz. Pídele que haga un boceto de lo que ha observado con los sentidos en los recuadros correspondientes. Cuando regresen a casa, puede colorearlos o añadir detalles a los dibujos, si quiere.