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Topic: Kind Kids

Being Polite


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How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolen

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This Is the Way We Eat Our Food by Laine Falk


Good Manners Learn about ways to be polite.
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Lesson Activities


Movement Activity

Simon Says, “Please!”

Materials: None

This fun version of Simon Says helps your child practice listening skills and polite manners.

Tell your child to follow your directions but only if Simon says “please!” Call out directions such as “Simon says, ‘Please put your hands on your head’” or “Simon says, ‘Please hop on one foot.’” Then give a directive without saying please, such as “Simon says, ‘Rub your tummy.’” Remind your child not to move if Simon doesn’t say the magic word!

Once your child has gotten the hang of the game, add another rule. Tell them they can stop doing the movement only once Simon says “Thank you!”

Actividad motriz

Simón dice: “¡Por favor!”

Materiales: Ninguno

Con esta divertida versión de Simón dice, tu niño o niña puede practicar a escuchar y a ser cortés.

Dile a tu niño que siga las instrucciones solo si Simón dice: “¡Por favor!”. Da instrucciones como “Simón dice: por favor, ponte las manos en la cabeza”, o “Simón dice: por favor, salta en un pie”. Entonces, da una instrucción como: “Simón dice: frótate la panza”. Recuérdale a tu niño que no se mueva si Simón no dice la palabra mágica.

Una vez tu niño le haya cogido el ritmo al juego, añade otra regla. Dile que solo puede dejar de hacer el movimiento si Simón dice: “¡Gracias!”.