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Topic: People and Places



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Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin

Read the Book

Living on Farms by Allan Fowler


Home in Three Communities What kind of community do you live in? Watch and find out!
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Lesson Activities

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Draw and Write Activity

Create Your Own Community

Materials: N/A

If you could create your own community, what would it look like? Use your imagination!

  • Decide if your community is rural, urban, or suburban.

  • Draw a picture of your community.

  • Name it!

Actividad de dibuja y escribe

Crea tu propia comunidad

Materiales: N/A

Si pudieras crear tu propia comunidad, ¿cómo sería?

  • Decide si tu comunidad es rural, urbana o suburbana.

  • Haz un dibujo de tu comunidad.

  • ¡Nómbrala!